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After failing to see representation of Latinas throughout human resources, Founder Priscilla Guasso set out on a quest to connect purpose-driven HR professionals looking to change the future of leadership. Created in October of 2020, Latinas Rising Up In HR | Latinas Avanzando en Recursos Humanos is now two inspirational anthologies with over 35 motivational stories of HR leaders demonstrating perseverance, growth, purpose and resilience. The first of its kind, in January of 2021 this book became an Amazon Best Seller in (6) Categories and in August of 2021 with the support of our 500+ community of Latinas in HR scholarships were awarded and funded by partial proceeds of this book. For added community, a global movement of Latinas Rising Up In HR and allies was built across all social platforms representing HR leaders globally. After great momentum a new wave of leaders reached out to continue with Volume 2 to further fund our scholarships and continue our legacy.

We activate our purpose through our key pillars



We are a community focused in sharing keys to OPEN doors of unlimited possibilities.


Scholarships & career workshops



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Join a growing global network of HR leaders and employers that become your community where #TogetherWeRise


Latinas Rising Up In HR along with our amazing Allies work towards one purpose: to share our keys of knowledge and success to O-P-E-N doors of unlimited possibilities.


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