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Ambassador Interest Form

Do you love what we're building and feel ready to take your HR leadership in your city to the next level?

 Join us as we plan to take 2024 by storm (with your help!).  We believe that nothing is done alone and we’re ready to have a group of amazing women join us for the year in a partnership to help you in your journey while also elevating our impact.  

This is an opportunity for both our introverts and extroverts alike!  Roll up your sleeves and become part of our 2024 ambassadors program that will bring together leaders from all levels to help us elevate more Latinas in HR.  We are thrilled to consider you and that you would join us in our efforts.  Please read below on what to expect and helps us learn more about you.  


I understand the expectations, benefits, responsibility & requirements as an Ambassador.

Expectations. As an ambassador we ask that at minimum you:
  • Attend monthly virtual calls (3 can be missed and ask for notice in advance)
  • Coordination of (1) in-person event in your city
  • Resourcefulness in finding sponsorship and meeting space (*Founder will provide support as we grow membership)
  • Engage with social media posts monthly (share, comment, like)
  • Participate with podcast
  • Host (1) IG live in the year
  • Participation with social campaigns & feedback
  • Participation with HR Leadership Summit (October)
  • Membership discounted to $150
  • Receive full benefits of the year
  • Coaching provided to Ambassador throughout year
  • Access to corporations & insider events with authors
  • Consideration as an author in Volume 4
  • Visibility as guest on podcast
  • Visibility on social channels as part of local leadership
  • Direct access to Founder
  • Influence direction and programming for 2024
  • Greater visibility to side-hustle or business
  • Network with Authors
  • Influence programming of events and HR Leadership Summit
Responsibility & Requirements
  • You currently work in HR
  • Live community values (Respect, Integrity, Service, Inspire, Non-Judgmental, Gratitude, United, Purposeful)
  • Communicate as questions arise
  • Bring your ideas and excitement to our community
  • Be able to work in teams
  • Open to learning new technology
  • Commit to 1 hour of work per week
  • Attend 9 of the 12 monthly Ambassador calls
  • Excited about Latinas Rising Up In HR
This volunteer role runs for a total period of 12 months starting in February. A minimum of 1 hour of work per week is required which can increase to 2 hours per day as an event approaches.
*Travel is not required and is optional for any in-person event outside of your home city.*


Looking for more information? Us too! Let’s talk through robust ways to collaborate with our community through our city activations, quarterly events, research needs, job board, newsletter, podcast and more!